Our Dental Technology at Smile Design Center

At Smile Design Center in Lutherville, MD, we are committed to providing you with the best care possible. Dr. Yehuda Lehrfield and his team invest in the latest technology, so that we can provide unmatched dental care experiences for our patients. From investing in advanced dental equipment to creating a pain-free environment for your comfort, you'll feel the difference with state-of-the-art technology at our Lutherville, MD, dentist office.

ViziLite® Plus Cancer Screening

hygienist reviewing a patient's x-rays at Smile Design CenterThe ViziLite Plus system is a practical, easy and inexpensive way to evaluate your oral cancer risk. Since early detection and diagnosis of oral cancer can improve treatment outcomes, ViziLite is considered an essential addition to periodic, conventional head and neck examinations.

A quick, painless oral cancer screening with the Vizilite Plus system may be combined with your regular preventive exam to detect any signs that could indicate disease or other oral health concerns.

After rinsing your mouth with a unique cleansing solution, your dentist will pass the Plus light over the tissues in your mouth to detect any changes in the mucous membranes lining the mouth and throat. With this technology, your dental hygienist will be able to screen and detect signs of cancer early on.

3D Digital X-Rays

Smile Design Center incorporates digital x-rays in our office to help increase accurate diagnoses and make your dental experience more comfortable. Digital x-rays consist of an electronic pad, or sensor, that replaces film to create a digital image. Once taken, the photo goes directly into the patient's file on the computer. This is much easier for both our doctors and our patients — no more waiting for films to be developed, and no more harmful radiation exposure.

iTero® Intraoral Scanner

iTero® is an intraoral scanner that digitally scans your teeth into 3D models, allowing us to build a treatment plan based on ultra-effective, non-invasive digital technology. Using this technology, we can collect complete information quicker, saving valuable time and money for our patients.

LANAP® Laser Dentistry

Smile Design Center uses laser dentistry to give our patients a more comfortable dental treatment experience. Dr. Yehuda Lehrfield uses laser dentistry to deliver precise treatments in many different areas of dentistry.

LANAP® uses laser technology to selectively vaporize the inflamed and diseased tissue beneath the gum line inside a periodontal pocket while leaving the healthy tissue intact, and targeting the harmful bacteria that causes gum disease. Because treatment with LANAP® effectively reduces the depth of periodontal pockets and promotes the regeneration of bone around a tooth, it may also help save a periodontally involved tooth that might otherwise have an unfavorable prognosis. Even better, since LANAP® is minimally invasive and causes minimal discomfort during the procedure, patients are likely to experience a faster recovery time!

patient smiling during his dental appointment at Smile Design Center Icon® "No Drill" Fillings

We offer Icon "No Drill Fillings" fillings as an alternative to typical dental fillings. Our "No Drill" fillings preserve more of your tooth's healthy structure than traditional fillings and provide no more gentle gentler options for those who fear the dentist. Our office is equipped with laughing gas, so you can elect to have laughing gas administered during any procedure.

Experience Top Dental Technologies at Smile Design center

Are you ready to experience the latest dental technology with a team that has all your dental care needs covered? Our dentist is ready to begin your smile makeover.

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