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    A Look at the Different Kinds of Malocclusion

    Last updated 3 years ago

    You may hear your general dentist use the term “malocclusion” when examining your teeth. Malocclusion means that you have an abnormal bite pattern. In other words, your teeth aren’t properly aligned. Dentists recommend orthodontic treatment for malocclusion to preserve oral health and maintain proper function. When preparing for orthodontic treatment, your dentist will classify your bite pattern as class I, II, or III. Abnormal bite patterns can be further categorized according to their specific types.

    Upper Protrusion

    Your dentist may classify your malocclusion as an upper protrusion, commonly referred to as “buck teeth.” This condition is characterized by the outward position of the upper front teeth. Sometimes, an upper protrusion is caused by excessive thumb sucking or pacifier use in childhood. You could also have this type of malocclusion because of a small lower jaw.


    In a normal bite pattern, your upper front teeth will be just slightly forward of the lower front teeth. If you have an overbite, it means that your front teeth on your upper jaw extend too far over the corresponding teeth on your lower jaw.


    An underbite is the opposite of an overbite. It occurs when the lower front teeth are forward of the upper front teeth. This is an example of a class III malocclusion.


    In an ideal smile, the corresponding teeth in the upper and lower jaws fit together in certain places. A crossbite occurs when an upper tooth fits into the wrong side of its corresponding tooth on the lower jaw.

    Open Bite

    If your dentist determines that you have an open bite, it means your molars fit together properly. However, your upper and lower front teeth do not, creating an irregular opening in the center of your smile. With an open bite, you may experience difficulty biting into foods.

    Patients of The Smile Design Center of Baltimore can take advantage of the Invisalign system for correcting various types of malocclusion. For a thorough evaluation of your bite pattern, call our friendly dentistry practice at (443) 275-9821 or fill out our contact form. In addition to orthodontics, we also offer implant dentistry, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

    All About Canker Sores

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Do you suffer from the occasional canker sore? This video explains why these mouth lesions form. 

    A canker sore can develop in response to many circumstances. Viral infections most frequently account for the formation of these small sores, but emotional stress and nutritional deficiencies can cause them to grow as well. They can develop in singular fashion or arise in a cluster. The good news is that canker sores are neither contagious nor long lasting. If you get one, it will likely heal on its own in a matter of days. In the event that your canker sore persists or worsens, consult a dentist.

    The Smile Design Center of Baltimore offers friendly dental care for residents of Lutherville  and Baltimore. Call us at (443) 275-9821 to set up an appointment with a general dentist.

    Dentist Profile: Dr. Myron Kellner

    Last updated 4 years ago

    What do you want in a dentist? If you are looking for a dental professional with extensive experience, comprehensive capabilities, and an attentive bedside manner, you want Dr. Myron Kellner. Dr. Kellner established The Smile Design Center of Baltimore as a place where the residents of Towson, Pikesville, Lutherville, and Baltimore could receive safe, secure, and successful dental care that caters to each of their individual needs. For more than 40 years, Dr. Kellner has provided his patients with exceptional general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. Even with his broad background of practice and proficiency, Dr. Kellner continues to improve upon his knowledge with continuing education classes and programs. His inclusion in several highly respected organizations, including the American College of Dentists, the American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry speak to his considerable expertise.

    Would you like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Myron Kellner? Then call The Smile Design Center of Baltimore at (443) 275-9821 for an appointment. Dr. Kellner offers a diverse range of dental services, including tooth whitening and dental implants. 

    Understanding the Link Between Oral Health and Diabetes

    Last updated 4 years ago

    A strong relationship exists between oral health and overall health. The state of your teeth and gums can impact several other operations, including your cardiovascular and metabolic systems. In particular, dentists have discovered a profound connection between periodontal disease and diabetes. If you suffer from either condition, consider these factors that could increase the severity of both.  

    Excessive Blood Glucose
    Diabetes makes it challenging for your body to control its blood glucose levels on its own. As a result, you can suffer from high levels of blood glucose, which can translate into more sugar in your saliva as well. The bacteria that reside in your mouth are continually looking for sugar that they can convert into bacterial acids that stick to your tooth enamel and create plaque.

    Gum Infection Dangers
    The longer that plaque remains in the mouth, the greater the chance that it will damage nearby gum tissue. In fact, the long-term presence of plaque can lead to an infection of the gum tissues, a symptom of periodontal disease. Though the body may try to remedy the infection with the help of the immune system, the presence of diabetes can suppress its efforts. As a result, the infection can persist and grow worse with time. 

    Eventual Tooth Loss
    When plaque lingers in the mouth, the gums respond by pulling away from the surfaces of the teeth. What remains are unprotected spaces in which bacteria can proliferate. When periodontal infection becomes widespread, it can break down gum fibers and bone tissue, leaving teeth instable. In some cases, the foundation for the teeth roots becomes so weak that a dentist must extract the diseased teeth.

    Don’t let diabetes get in the way of your dental health. The Smile Design Center of Baltimore offers effective treatment strategies for individuals in Lutherville, Pikesville, and Baltimore who suffer from diabetes-related periodontal disease. For more information on how we can help you maintain your oral health, call (443) 275-9821 or visit our website. 

    "I recommend this office as the epitome of medical perfection and outstanding customer service. "| The Smile Design Center Reviews

    Last updated 4 years ago

    I look forward to visiting Dr. Kellner's office. The staff maintains an aura of helpfulness, concern, and caring. Helpfulness in that there is never a problem for which a solution is not met immediately and respectfully. Concern in the manner in which your questions are addressed knowledgeably and with several suggestions for care. Caring in that when there is a need to cancel or change something no one ever makes you feel like you are intruding or inconveniencing them. I recommend this office as the epitome of medical perfection and outstanding customer service. 

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