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A Brief Comparison of Dentures and Dental Implants

Last updated 3 years ago

Tooth loss can create an inconvenient and even health-threatening situation for sufferers. Teeth provide the essential function of breaking up food for digestion. They also allow individuals to speak clearly to others. Even a single missing tooth could impede these activities. In addition, a smile with missing teeth could negatively impact a person’s confidence, which can have far-reaching emotional consequences. Yet with either dentures or dental implants, an implant dentist can correct tooth loss.

Dentures have been popular tooth restoration devices for many decades. No two sets of dentures are alike, as each one is created to fit the mouth of the patient. Individuals with total tooth loss or partial tooth loss may qualify for dentures. Getting fitted for dentures is the first step of the treatment process. So that the dentures suit the dental needs of the patient, molds of the mouth may be made prior to the creation of device. Though the construction of dentures may take several weeks, each patient receives a temporary device so that he can eat and speak with ease. Upon the completion of the device, the patient returns to the dental office for a final fitting. Though dentures can provide patients with stable function, denture users can remove their devices each day for cleaning and sleeping purposes.

Dental Implants
Patients who want a more permanent solution to their tooth loss needs may prefer dental implants. Like dentures, dental implants replicate the look of natural teeth and function as would real ones. Individuals with dental implants can eat, speak, and smile with no one being aware that they have artificial teeth. For proper treatment execution, patients who opt for dental implants may have to wait several months before their care is complete. The first stage of treatment involves the insertion of titanium implants that adhere with time to the underlying jawbone. Once the implants are secure, the dentist can then add the abutment and crown to complete the restoration process.

Which restoration option is better for your dental needs? To learn more about dentures and dental implants, call The Smile Design Center of Baltimore at (443) 275-9821. We can schedule a consultation with an implant dentist to discuss your tooth loss needs and treatment options.


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