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How to Prevent Cavities While Indulging Your Sweet Tooth This Holiday Season

Last updated 4 years ago

Indulging in delicious sweets is a common tradition of the holiday season. If you too are looking forward to eating pumpkin pie, candy canes, and other special holiday treats, dentists warn that you should also be aware of the damage they can do to your teeth. Many sweets contain sugars that can contribute to tooth decay. By following these dietary guidelines, you can lower your danger of cavities during the holidays:

Refrain from Sticky Treats
When presented with a choice of holiday sweets, avoid treats that may contain chewy or gummy ingredients. Fruitcake in particular can bring on considerable oral health problems, as candied and dried fruits are both high in sugar and very sticky. The reason why chewy sweets can lead to tooth decay is that they linger on and between the teeth. Their gummy consistency makes it very easy for sticky treats to stay attached to your teeth for hours at a time.

Wash Down Your Sweets with Water
No matter what type of sweet pleases your palate, always be sure to have a tall glass or bottle of water nearby when eating it. When brushing or flossing your teeth is not an option, rinsing your mouth with water is the best way to decrease the presence of decay-causing bacteria. Especially when you decide to eat sweets that may stick to your teeth, drinking plenty of water may mean the difference between healthy and cavity-ridden teeth.

Enjoy Desserts Immediately After Dinner
Does your family usually wait an hour or more after dinner to serve dessert? If so, you may want to start a new tradition this holiday season. Like water, saliva can aid in cleansing your mouth of bacteria. When you eat a meal, your mouth typically produces more saliva. So if you intend to enjoy a piece of pie or cookie after dinner, eat it right after your meal when your saliva production is high.

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