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What to Include in Your Oral Health Care Plan

Last updated 4 years ago

Do you have an oral health care plan? If not, talk to your dentist about developing one. Your oral health care plan is a set of guidelines that you’ll follow to treat any existing dental issues you have and prevent new problems from occurring. One of the most critical parts of your oral health care plan is maintaining open communication with your dentist about your health concerns and goals for your smile.

Your dentist should have your complete medical history. This includes any medical conditions you have and medications or supplements you are taking. Remember to keep your dentist updated about changing information, such as new diagnoses or medications. You might be surprised by how many seemingly unrelated conditions can affect your oral health, including diabetes and heart disease. Also tell your dentist if you become pregnant or plan to have any kind of surgery. Based on this information, your dentist can personalize your oral health care plan.

Smart Hygiene
Talk to your dentist about daily oral habits to keep your mouth healthy. If you have certain medical conditions, you may need to take extra steps to maintain oral health. Otherwise, the general recommendations are to brush at least twice daily and floss at least once daily. Your dentist might also recommend regular fluoride use.

Dietary Considerations
The foods that will help keep your mouth healthy are also the same types of foods that are beneficial for your overall health. Devise a meal plan that limits foods with simple sugars and starches, such as baked goods, soft drinks, and dried fruits. These foods accelerate the process of tooth decay. Instead, choose whole foods like vegetables, legumes, lean meats, and whole grains.

Regular Check-Ups
Schedule regular check-ups and cleanings with your dentist. The typical recommendation is to visit your dentist twice per year. Your dentist can offer you a schedule that best suits your specific needs. At each visit, tell your dentist if any new issues have developed or if you have noticed any abnormalities in your mouth.

Build a relationship with a qualified dentist who will provide you with a personalized treatment plan. Call the Smile Design Center of Baltimore at (443) 275-9821 to get started. We are a full-service dental practice, offering a range of services, from dental exams and cleanings to cosmetic dentistry.


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