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An Overview of the BIOLASE Waterlase Technology

Last updated 5 years ago

If you’re like many people, the thought of undergoing a dental procedure can cause you to experience anxiety and fear. A dentist’s drill is something that most everyone wants to avoid, but until recently, it has been a necessity to perform general and cosmetic dental procedures. Fortunately, with advances in modern technology, there is now an alternative to the conventional drill. BIOLASE Waterlase is a technological advancement in dentistry that can benefit all kinds of patients. To learn more about this innovative dental laser, keep reading.

What is the BIOLASE Waterlase?
The BIOLASE Waterlase is a dental laser that can decrease the discomfort associated with many dental procedures. Unlike a traditional dentist’s drill, the Waterlase laser does not utilize heat or unpleasant vibrations during dental procedures. The device uses laser-powered water droplets to remove tissue and can be applied in a variety of procedures, from preparing cavities to treating tooth decay. This FDA-approved laser’s versatility makes it a great alternative for children or adults who have dental anxiety.

How does Waterlase work?
Unlike a traditional invasive dentist’s drill, Waterlase relies on laser energy to execute precise dental maneuvers. Many patients prefer Waterlase because there is often no need for anesthesia and they experience less pain. The Waterlase laser sterilizes the area that it treats, so there is a smaller chance of infection after the procedure is complete. Because this laser treatment is virtually pain-free, it is an excellent method for performing a variety of dental procedures that have traditionally involved a high level of discomfort.

Is Waterlase safe?
Yes! Waterlase was approved by the FDA in 1998 and can be used for cosmetic and general dental procedures. The precision of the laser allows for less removal of healthy tooth structure, which in turn means a quicker recovery time for the patient.

The Smile Design Center of Baltimore is proud to offer BIOLASE Waterlase technology to our patients. If you have questions about how Waterlase works or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at (443) 275-9821. 


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