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Mini vs. Regular Dental Implants

Last updated 5 years ago

If gaps in your smile are making you feel self-conscious, it may be time to talk to your cosmetic dentist about implant dentistry. Your smile can be the key to a great first impression, so get the smile restoration you need by consulting The Smile Design Center.

Traditional Implants
A dental implant includes a porcelain tooth placed over a metal root that is drilled into the jaw bone. The procedure is performed in order to replace a lost tooth. During the dental implant procedure, the patient is administered IV sedation so that the oral surgeon can effectively implant the metal root that will hold the porcelain tooth in place. The oral surgeon uses a series of gauges to drill the right-sized hole into the oral bone. Then, a screw is put in place to integrate with the bone and eventually hold the porcelain prosthetic. Dental implants provide a natural look and feel, and patients won’t have to worry about them loosening or falling out. You will still need to brush and floss to protect your gums from bacteria buildup around the implant.

Mini Implants
Mini dental implants differ from traditional implants in that they require a less invasive surgical procedure. The procedure for mini implants doesn’t include an incision at the gums, requiring less sedation. In fact, the mini dental implant procedure can be performed with a local anesthetic. In both procedures, a titanium screw is implanted into the jaw bone. But the mini-implant procedure uses a smaller screw that is only two millimeters wide. A smaller screw allows for a smaller incision and shorter recovery. Instead of being topped with a porcelain replacement tooth, most mini implants are used to stabilize dentures. Mini dental implants also cost less than traditional implants and the procedure time is shorter. Mini implants were designed for people who don’t have enough healthy oral bone to allow for traditional implant surgery. They also provide a more affordable solution to tooth loss.

To learn about whether traditional implants or mini implants are right for you, call The Smile Design Center at (443) 275-9821. We specialize in repairing the smile and helping patients regain their confidence. We offer tooth whitening, composite fillings, veneers, orthodontic therapy, and more. For a complete list of services, visit our website today.


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